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Getting upfront funding from investors and fans can unlock new possibilities for growing your media impact
Get money upfront
Receive cash upfront based on how much funding you need
Grow your blogs
We’ll help you to use the funding to bring in new subscribers
Distribute your success
Your investors earn if your audience grows

Why do I need funding?

Investing in your channel now will help you attract new fans later. Whatever you need to grow, we’ll help you get it
Get more equipmentHire talentLaunch productsGo multi-platformStart a new media projectFind an epic videoConnect with more creators

How it works?

  • Register
    Register on the platform
  • Describe
    Consider what investors will get from you for owning your tokens. Describe why you need the investment. What is your roadmap for the development of your social networks
  • Issue tokens
    Issue tokens and tell your audience about it
  • Get paid
    Get paid and grow in media value
  • Support
    Support activities related to tokens

Build your army

It takes a team to make the dream. Create a community that’s invested in your success
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Crowdsourse ideas
Start discussions with investors to get ideas foe your channel
Reward your community
Ofter your investors perks to keep them engaged
Grow a network
Make valuable connections to help you grow

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