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Crowdstake — Now each of us is part of the overall success

What is the true value of a person? What should we look at? At the sum of assets and debts, or at the potential for future income growth?

When evaluating a person's financial situation, traditional methods often involve simply adding up assets and debts on a given day without considering potential earnings in the future. In contrast, when valuing a corporation such as Tesla, investors and analysts study the company's projected growth and use this information to value stocks. This is possible because corporations have the ability to move their financial fortunes over time by issuing shares.
However, this is not possible for individuals. Theoretically, people can do this by taking on debts, but it is burdensome and may cause phycological discomfort with no desire to take any personal risk. Our project addresses the mismatch between how people and corporations are valued. We are convinced that if people had the same opportunity as corporations, it would make the world more balanced and interesting.
Join us to revolutionize the way we value people and their growth potential.
Our mission
Crowdstake is designed to give influencers, creators, and anyone with even a small audience the ability to measure and monetize their impact through the issuance of tokens.
Our mission is to make this process as common as creating a profile on a social network. We aim to create a global talent investment marketplace where creators can receive investment to grow their personal brand and investors can profit from growing their media exposure. Join us to revolutionize the way we value people and their growth potential.
Our team
We're a diverse and determined team of innovators, movers and shakers, passionate about enabling our customers to do their best work. In our free time, we enjoy things like chess, ping-pong, cars, traveling, and crypto.
We value critical thinking, craftmanship, obsessive curiosity, intellectual honesty, and being customer centric.
We’re located in Russia, Kazakhstan, Bali, but work globally.
Crypto enthusiast
15 y. of experience in software development
Finance Advisor
15 y. experience in financial analytics
Lead Designer
Beautiful and ambitious
DeFi Lover | Crypto Evangelist
Cybersecurity Advisor
10 y. of IT management experience
Frontend developer
Young and hungry person
Influlence lead
5 y. of Influence marketing experience